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Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is a planned 7-year European Union scientific research initiative meant to succeed the current Horizon 2020 program. The European Commission drafted and approved a plan for the Horizon Europe to raise EU science spending levels by 50% over the years 2021-2027.

As of April 2019 the Commission proposes €94.1 billion for Horizon Europe – due to launch in 2021 – up from €77 billion for the current Horizon 2020.

Independent observers predict the final approved funding will be much lower after lengthy negotiations with the European Parliament and EU member states are completed. Over the past few years EU commissioner Carlos Moedas, along with many advocacy groups, have tried to push for a more expansive EU science budget. In order to build political support for the budget increase, he intends to use American originated ideas of "moonshots" to focus research efforts and boost the public interest.

We wait the start of the new fund scheme and we will help to you to participate!

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