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Should your project is successful or you are already implementing an awarded project, leave the administrative burden on us.


ARS also specializes on comprehensive project management and reporting and we will:

  • Pro-actively support your organization whilst initial correspondence with the programme managing body takes place

  • Provide tailored administrative support and resolve all project-related matters

  • Timely report all project activities and spending according to the funding scheme’s T&Cs

We offer Phase 2 Project Management. This is set of activities carried out by ARS LTD during the EIC Accelerator (SMEI) Phase 2 includes the completion of administrative tasks for project reporting.


We offer a training on European project procedures.


Tracking cost, quality and time of all tasks to be performed by each partner during the project.


Writing of the project reports (M9, M18), preparation/support of the deliverables to be produced in the form of a report, financial reporting.


Planning and organisation of the meetings that will be chaired by the coordinator, preparing the agendas, proposing discussion points, preparing the minutes and tracking the implementation of decisions taken.


Collecting information on the progress of the project and reports and other deliverables (including financial statements and related certifications) to be submitted to the project coordinator and PCC for their review.

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